BBC news 2019-01-11 with transcript and audio

BBC news with Joe Macintosh.

President Trump has arrived in Texas to publicize and win support for his controversial plan to build the wall along the U.S-Mexico border. In his first comments in the southern state, Mr. Trump blamed democrats for the ongoing government shutdown, saying they were pursing open-border policy.

The runner-up in the presidential election in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Martin Fayulu, has told the BBC that he will mount a legal challenge to the result. Earlier, the Catholic Church, which is highly influential in Congo, said its own tally results didn’t match the official result.

Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev has delayed the final vote on the country’s proposed change name as he haggles to reach the necessary two-thirds majority. Renaming the country, the Republic of North Macedonia will end the long-running dispute with its neighbor Greece, and open the way to EU and NATO membership.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles says it agreed to pay the U.S. Justice Department and the state of California more than 600 million dollars to settle claims that it used the illegal software to falsify diesel vehicle emission tests. The firm denies that it was involved in the deliberate wrong-doing.

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro is beginning his second term in office despite calls for him to step down. Mr. Maduro accused the United States of leading an economic war against its government.

A court in the Zimbabwe capital Harare has said that a suitcase containing 150,000 dollars in cash was stolen from the ousted president Robert Mugabe. Mr Mugabe was often accused of a lavish life style even as Zimbabwean suffered under his rule.

Officials in South Africa say they intercepted a consignment of rhino horns worth over 1.5 million dollars at the international airport in Johannesburg.

BBC news.

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