CNN News:弗格森暴乱事态严重 奥巴马要求警员随身携带摄像头

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内容摘要:Welcome to CNN STUDENT NEWS. First up this Wednesday, President Obama has announced a new taskforce: its job - study police practices, work ...

Welcome to CNN STUDENT NEWS. First up this Wednesday, President Obama has announced a new taskforce: its job - study police practices, work with law enforcement and community activists to build accountability and trust between communities and police. This has to do with Ferguson, Missouri. Racial tensions flared when a white police officer shot and killed a black 18-year old on August 9. After hearing evidence, the grand jury decided not to charge the officer with wrongdoing.

欢迎收看CNN学生新闻。首先周三的头条新闻先来说一说奥巴马总统宣布了一个新的工作小组:小组职责是研究警察执法,法律和社会活动家的工作。这是 为解决密苏里州弗格森暴乱采取的必要措施。当8月9日一名白人警员射杀一名18岁黑人少年事件发生之后密苏里州爆发了种族暴乱。在对证据进行审查听证之后 大陪审团决定不对警员提出控告。

Another round of violent protests followed. Police cars, businesses and property in Ferguson were destroyed. President Obama and outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder say distrust between police and minority communities is a national problem.

新一轮暴力发生之后,弗格森警车,商业和经济都受到影响。奥巴马总统和即将离任的首席检察官Eric Holder表示警察与种族这区之间的信任冲突是国家问题。

ERIC HOLDER, ATTORNEY GENERAL: The reality is that what we see in Ferguson is not restricted to Ferguson. There are other communities around this country that have these same issues that have to be dealt with, and we at the Justice Department are determined to do all that we can to bridge those divides.


AZUZ: Those divisions are deep. For example, the president wants limits on the ability of law enforcement agencies to buy military style equipment.In the initial protests after the August shooting, some demonstrators and officials accused police of using unnecessary force by firing rubber bullets and tear gas on sometimes violent protesters. But after protests last week, some officials say not enough was done to protect the community that more armed members of the National Guard should have been there.

这些分歧根源很深。例如总统希望限制执法机构购买军事设备的能力。在最初抗议弗格森射杀事件发生之后,一些游行示威者和官员指责警方采用不必要的武 力方式对待游行示威者,例如橡皮子弹和催泪瓦斯。但是在上周游行示威之后一些官员表示警方之前的工作并不足够保护来保护社区安全,而需要更多国民警卫队来 保护社区安全。

Protests over Ferguson have been nationwide. Many demonstrators say Officer Darren Wilson should have been charged in the shooting of Michael Brown. Others say it was Michael Brown`s actions that led to his death.


Five players for the St. Louis Rams took the field Sunday with their hands up showing support for the witnesses who said Michael Brown`s hands were up when he was shot.


The gesture angered the St. Louis Police Officers Association who cited evidence suggesting Brown didn`t have his hands up when Officer Wilson opened fire.


You can see how this has touched a nerve among Americans. President Obama believes body cameras worn by police could help. He`s asking Congress to approve funding to cover half the cost for them with states expected to pick up the other half, but they are not cheap.



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