CNN News:叙利亚科巴尼经历激战伊斯兰组织损失惨重

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内容摘要:CARL AZUZ, CNN ANCHOR: Welcome to CNN STUDENT NEWS. One start today with a nod to my friends at Lamkin (ph) County High School who visited C...

CARL AZUZ, CNN ANCHOR: Welcome to CNN STUDENT NEWS. One start today with a nod to my friends at Lamkin (ph) County High School who visited CNN


Center yesterday. It`s great to see all of you. Welcome to CNN STUDENT NEWS. First up this Thursday, December Fourth, the Syrian town of Kobani.


You`ve heard us mention it before. It`s right by Syria`s northern border with Turkey.


It`s been targeted for months by the ISIS terrorist groups, which controls about a third of Iraq and Syria.


But ISIS hasn`t been able to take total control of Kobani. It`s been hit by U.S.-led airstrikes. American and Syrian officials disagree about


whether these airstrikes have been effective in stopping ISIS.


But the terrorists have also gotten strong resistance in Kobani by Kurds and other ethnic groups. All this has taken its toll on the border town.


Some areas are just hips of rubble. Previously, we could only show you fighting there, from our journalists who were across the border in Turkey.


Now, with the help of some of those who are fighting ISIS, we are able to show you what it`s like inside Kobani.


Time for the Shoutout. Which of these constellations was named for a mythological hunter? If you think you know it, shout it out. Is it Aries, Orion, Pegasus or Leo? You`ve got three seconds, go.


One of the easiest constellations to find on winter nights, Orion. It`s named for the Greek mythological hunter. That`s your answer and that`s your shoutout.


AZUZ: It`s also a name of NASA`s newest space capsule, which is scheduled for a test flight today. This Orion costs $370 million. It`s prepared to launch from Florida`s Kennedy Space Center. The stakes are high, even though Orion isn`t carrying any astronauts. If this test flight fails, it could ground NASA`s longterm goals of transporting people well beyond the Moon.


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