CNN News:《时代》杂志评选年度人物抗埃博拉医护人员上榜

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内容摘要:CARL AZUZ, CNN ANCHOR: Hi, I`m Carl Azuz. Thank you for taking ten minutes for CNN STUDENT NEWS. For more than 80 years, "Time" ma...

CARL AZUZ, CNN ANCHOR: Hi, I`m Carl Azuz. Thank you for taking ten minutes for CNN STUDENT NEWS. For more than 80 years, "Time" magazine has named a person of the year. It started with aviator Charles Lindbergh for 1927. This year it`s not just one person, it`s all of those who`ve helped fight the Ebola virus in West Africa, the worst Ebola outbreak in recorded history. "Time`s" managing editor says when there wasn`t much to stop Ebola`s spread with governments unprepared, some health officials dragging their feet, it was the first responders, the local doctors, the international aid organizations who stepped up to save lives and earn recognition as the people of the year.

我是Carl Azuz,欢迎大家收看今天的CNN学生新闻。80多年来《时代》杂志一直致力于评选年度风云人物。开始于1927年飞行员查尔斯林德伯格。而今年不仅评 选出了一个人物,而是所有帮助对抗西非埃博拉病毒的人。今年是有史记录以来埃博拉疫情最严重的一年。《时代》杂志总编辑称当政府无力对抗埃博拉病毒快速传 播状况时,是一些医护人员在拖着政府前进,这是对抗埃博拉疫情的首次回应。当地医生和国际援助组织坚持不懈地救治生命赢得了今年年度人物称号。

The World Health Organization says almost 18,000 Ebola cases have been diagnosed since the outbreak started. Around 6400 people have died from it, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone have been hardest hit, but they are making progress.


Slashed. One really accurate word being used to describe the U.S. northeast. Moisture from the Atlantic Ocean has clashed with cold air.


The results - chilly, miserable rain in some places, like you are seeing here from Long Island. The New York metro area has gotten nearly three inches, a record amount of rain this week. And another spots, a winter wonderland for the moment. The National Weather Service says the six to ten inches of snow in parts of Maine will be glazed by freezing rain throughout the rest of the week. And the coast will be battered by gusting wind.

结果当然气温骤降。一些地方遭到了暴雨残酷的袭击,就像你现在看到的长岛地区。纽约地铁区已经下了近3英寸的雨水,创造了本周降雨量记录。还有一个 地方是适合过冬的最佳地方。国家气象局称缅因州某些地方6到10英寸的降雪遇上冻雨袭击,持续时间长达一周。沿海地带也会狂风大作。

It`s like a circular water sprinkler is spiraling up through New England, and for all of it, a nor`easter is to blame.


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