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内容摘要:From VOA Learning English. This is the Economic Report.这里是美国之音慢速英语经济报道。The goal appeared simple: require a woman to sit on the board of dire...

From VOA Learning English. This is the Economic Report.

The goal appeared simple: require a woman to sit on the board of directors of all companies listed on India's National Stock Exchange. But after one year, many companies are still trying to fill the positions. This has raised the issue of how well women are represented in top leadership jobs.

Indian lawmakers passed the legislation last year. The rule is meant to ensure gender diversity and bring attention to the issue of women in corporate leadership. The rule required that women be named to all corporate boards by April 1.

About 150 companies out of 1,475 listed on the stock market failed to name a woman to their boards by that date. And nearly half the companies that did meet the requirement appointed a female relative of a current board member.

Among those companies was Reliance Industries. It named the Chairman's wife, Nita Ambani, to the board.
信实工业就是这些公司中的一家。该公司任命董事会主席之妻妮塔·安巴尼(Nita Ambani)进入董事会。

Pranava Haldea of the market research group, PRIME Database in New Delhi questions the effectiveness of the requirement.
市场研究组织新德里首席数据公司(Prime Database)的Pranava Haldea质疑这一要求的效果。

He says his organization thinks that the female relatives will share the same ideas and opinions as their family member on the board. He says that defeats the purpose of diversity.

Many companies argued there was a shortage of skilled female workers able to fill the positions. Uday Chawla is head of a professional search company, Transearch India. It helped some companies look for candidates. He says the difficulty was to find women who had already served on boards.
许多公司认为能够填补该位置的有经验的女员工存在不足。乌代·乔拉(Uday Chawla)是Transearch India这家猎头公司的负责人。该公司帮助一些公司寻找理想员工。他说,困难在于找到具备董事会工作经验的女性。

He said more professional companies want women on the board who can add value to the board instead of just meet a requirement. He says these companies demand competency and experience. Mr. Chawla said there are very few women who have the experience.

Others said companies simply did not take the legislation seriously and failed to look carefully. Yet, the inability of corporate India to find women to sit on boards has brought attention to the low level of women's participation in top management positions.

Catalyst is a non-profit organization that works to build inclusive workplaces. The group released a study that said almost 50 percent of women in corporate India leave such work between the lowest and middle professional level. In the rest of Asia, 29 percent of women do.

Shachi Irde is the director of Catalyst India, WRC. She says one of the reasons women leave is that women in India are mainly responsible for family care. She says companies need to put in place policies to keep more women on the job.
Shachi Irde是Catalyst India WRC的负责人。她说,女性维持这种状态的原因之一是印度女性主要负责照顾家庭。她说,各个公司需要制定政策让更多女性就业。

"If you really look and ensure that the women are recognized, treated fairly, then there is a lot more of women that you can see in your organization rather than them dropping off. The challenge definitely comes when organizations don't have inclusive policies and she is pulled between both her home responsibilities and her office responsibilities."

Ms. Irde says more women could be placed on boards if companies do not only consider women with experience as board members.

Pranav Haldea says Indian companies need to recognize that more women in the workplace and in top management add value to a company.
Pranav Haldea表示,印度公司需要认识到,职场和高层管理中女性越来越多对公司有利。

He says he does not believe more laws are the answer. He said it is more of an effort to change beliefs in the corporate world.

Corporate boards in India have among the lowest percentages of women members. Women are represented most on corporate boards in Norway, Finland and France which have government requirements for female membership.

And that's the Economic Report from VOA Learning English.

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