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内容摘要:在英语里,合成词指的是把两个或多个单词中的一部分混合后组成的新词语,这种构词方式在现代英语中尤为常见。比如,“vlog 视频博客”来自单词“video 视频”和“blog 博客”;单词 “brun...

在英语里,合成词指的是把两个或多个单词中的一部分混合后组成的新词语,这种构词方式在现代英语中尤为常见。比如,“vlog 视频博客”来自单词“video 视频”和“blog 博客”;单词 “brunch 早午餐”从“breakfast 早餐”和“lunch 午餐”演变而来。虽然这类词语最早常出现在网络平台上,但现在许多受欢迎的合成词也已经被纳入辞典当中,成为正式词汇。下面《英语小测验》中列出的六个合成词,你认识哪几个呢?来试试吧。

1. Which portmanteau has been created from the combination of ‘jeans’ and ‘leggings’?

a) jeggings

b) jeanings

c) leans

d) leanings

2. Which portmanteau means ‘a close platonic relationship between two men’?

a) dudeship 

b) bromance

c) matemance

d) manloves

3. Which portmanteau means ‘irritated because of having an empty stomach’?

a) hungerage

b) hangry

c) rangry

d) irritatungry

4. ‘Netiquette’ is a portmanteau. What does it mean?

a) a type of herbal tea made from nettles

b) a type of net used to hold a number of courgettes

c) the correct way of using the internet according to good manners

d) being rude and acting according to bad manners

5. Which portmanteau means ‘a person you have a good relationship with despite not liking them much’?

a) palversary

b) matetagonist

c) oppanion

d) frenemy

6. Which portmanteau has recently been used to talk about Great Britain leaving the European Union?

a) Engleaving

b) UKQuit

c) Brexit

d) Britake-away


1) a, 2) b, 3) b, 4) c, 5) d, 6) c.

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