CNN News:两名巴勒斯坦人袭击耶路撒冷四名犹太信徒死亡

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内容摘要:A terrorist attack in the city of Jerusalem. That`s where we start this midweek addition of CNN STUDENT NEWS. Thanks for watching.圣城耶路撒冷发生恐怖...

A terrorist attack in the city of Jerusalem. That`s where we start this midweek addition of CNN STUDENT NEWS. Thanks for watching.


Two Palestinian attackers with a variety of weapons entered a synagogue early Tuesday. They killed four Jewish worshippers before police arrived and killed the two attackers. One police officer was injured and later died.


This was the deadliest terrorist attack in Jerusalem since 2008. The city is holy to three major world religions: Christianity, Islam and Judaism. And Jerusalem status is a major point of dispute between Israel and Palestinian Arabs. After the attack, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyuahu called for national unity against the terrorists and against the Palestinian leaders who he says spread lies about Israel.


Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas denounced the attack. But when you see news like this it`s disturbing. Where else could this happen? Here is some perspective from CNN`s national security correspondent.



JIM SCIUTTO, CNN CORRESPONDENT: I realize we come at you almost every day with a new terrorist threat or an update on an old terrorist threat and I understand how that could be overwhelming. So, I want to talk to you the way I talk to friends and family about what they should truly be concerned about and what they shouldn`t worry about so much, what shouldn`t keep them up at night.


Consistently, U.S. intelligence officials and counterterror officials tell me that the two main groups to be worried about are AQAP, this is al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, a group that`s very skilled and is attempted to get explosive devices onto airplanes. You remember the underwear bomber in 2009. They are still trying and they have a master bomb maker who is very skilled at hiding explosives in things like personal electronic devices.


The other group is the Khorasan group, which we just begin to hear about this year. This is an offshoot from al Qaeda, a number of senior al Qaeda leaders who are now basing themselves in Syria, and according to U.S. intelligence, plotting attacks on the U.S. that may be in the final stages.


Those are the two main groups and again, like AQAP, their goal is to get explosive devices onto airplanes, possibly bound for the U.S.


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