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    置顶A wild card 未知数,外卡

    Rob: Hello and welcome to Authentic Real English. I'm Rob and joining me today is Feifei.Feifei: 大家好!咱们办公室新来的那位同事听起来不错的哈?What about that... 阅读全文>>
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    置顶What next for jobless prince? 退役王子下步怎么走?

    哈里王子已经服役十年了。在此期间,他曾两次在阿富汗当兵。现在他已做出了退役决定。但是对于他下一步将做什么人们尚不清楚。以下是 BBC 的 Peter Hunt 的报道:It's no surprise that Prince Harry describes quittin... 阅读全文>>
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    置顶A stab in the dark 瞎猜

    Rob: Welcome to Authentic Real English with me Rob and Feifei, where are you?Feifei: (off mic) A…A…over here…come quick... 阅读全文>>
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    置顶Selfie-stick ban 博物馆禁止在室内使用自拍棒

    凡尔赛宫是欧洲第一个对自拍棒下禁令的博物馆。这是因为博物馆认为这些能伸缩的金属棒有损坏艺术品的危险。请听记者 Hugh Schofield 的报道:Selfie-sticks are all the rage among tourists in Paris, especially... 阅读全文>>
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    置顶To keep a lid on it 不要声张,保守秘密

    (sound of coffee cup being put on a table)Li: Thanks for the coffee, Neil. What a good idea to present Authentic Real English from a coffee ... 阅读全文>>
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    置顶Spice up 增添趣味

    去 spice something up 的意思就是放更多香料在食物或饮料里使其更有滋味。另外你也可以 spice up 一段讲话、一个表演或活动:在这里就不是放调料了,而是在其中加入更有趣味,引人入胜的内容。例句This salad was a bit boring so I ... 阅读全文>>
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    置顶To be on the ball 机灵高效的

    Rob: Hello and welcome to Authentic Real English. I'm Rob and joining me today is Liz.Li: Hi… everyone – err, Rob, my name ... 阅读全文>>
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    置顶Full steam ahead! 全速前进!

    Full steam ahead 意思是充满信心地和精力饱满地全速前进。例句We've had months of setbacks but now it's full steam ahead. We should have the new product out... 阅读全文>>
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    置顶Mind-blowing 惊人的好

    Feifei: 大家好,欢迎收听《地道英语》。我是冯菲菲,我的搭档是 Harry。Harry: Hello there! And the expression we are going to look at in this programme is 'mind-blowi... 阅读全文>>
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    置顶Out for the count (拳击)输了,熟睡

    Neil: Hello and welcome to Authentic Real English. I'm Neil and joining me today is Li.Li: Hello everyone. The expression that Neil and ... 阅读全文>>
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    置顶Games of future past 儿时游戏 再度流行

    Vocabulary: Technology: 词汇:科技Fashion and music are constantly looking back to the past. But would you be interested in retro video games? If... 阅读全文>>
  • 寻找爱情吗?试试爱情数学公式
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    西洋情人节将至,英国一名数学家研究出来一套“爱情数学公式”,教大家如何找到爱情。英国伦敦大学学院(UCL)应用数学讲师汉娜·弗莱(Hannah Fry)是《爱的数学》(The Mathematics of Love)的作者。她提出的爱情数学公... 阅读全文>>
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    置顶Game changer 改变游戏规则的人或物

    Feifei: 大家好,欢迎收听《地道英语》。我是冯菲菲,还有我的搭档 Harry。Harry: Hello everybody and welcome! And the popular modern expression we are going to look at in t... 阅读全文>>
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    置顶Wow factor 让人发出惊叹叫好的东西

    Feifei: Hello and welcome to Authentic Real English. I'm Feifei and joining me is Harry.Harry: Hello there! And the expression we are go... 阅读全文>>
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    置顶At the movies 看电影

    Neil: Hello. I’m Neil. In this programme, we're going to talk about movies. What kind of movies do you like, Feifei?Feifei: I love... 阅读全文>>
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    置顶Easy access? 出入方便吗?

    Vocabulary: disability 词汇: 残疾The integration of disabled people in society has increased in the last few decades. The Paralympic movement ce... 阅读全文>>
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    Hands up, don't shoot - chant of protesters after shooting of Michael Brown in Missouri. Cosmic inflation - explosive growth of the... 阅读全文>>
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    置顶2014年英语热词排行榜 心形符号排名第一

      2014年最受欢迎的英语单词已经揭晓——其实根本不能算作单词,而是表达爱意的心形符号。  英国《每日邮报》网站2014年12月29日发表题为《无以言表——2014年度“热词”竟是心形符号》的文章称,研究人... 阅读全文>>
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    置顶Killing time 消磨时间

    Neil: Hello and welcome to Authentic Real English from BBC Learning English. I'm Neil and with me today is Helen (crashing noises). Um, ... 阅读全文>>
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    置顶Sharing economy 分享型经济

    Do you have a spare room in your house? What about a driveway for your car? Both of these can help you make money. Many people who are feeli... 阅读全文>>
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