北京出版社小学五年级上册英语Lesson 28录音和课文翻译

Unit 8 Revision
Lesson 28

Can you talk
My parents and I are going to Tibet this summer.We are going there by train.We’ll visit the Potala Palace in Lhasa.

The Polata Palace 布达拉宫
Mount Tai 泰山
The Summer Palace 颐和园
The Mogao caves 莫高窟
Du-jiang-yan 都江堰
the Great Wall 长城
Can you write?
My alien friend’s name is ( ).He comes from ( ).He came to the earth by( ).His favourite sport is ( ).He will stay with us for a week and he is going to visit ( ).
我的外星人朋友叫( ),他来自( )。他乘坐( )来的地球。他最喜欢的运动是( )。他要和我们待一周,然后去参观( ) 。
Can you do ?
Help your parents plan a holiday trip.
Where are we going?
How are we going there?
How will we get the ticket?
How much is the ticket?
What should we pack for the trip?
When will we leave home?
How will we get to the station / airport?
Can you read and write?
In the world ,many people have cars and use them every day.We call this private transportation.Buses,trains,boats,and planes are public transportation.
On Land 陆地
There are cars,motorcycles,trucks,and buses on the road.Trains run on tracks.
Double deckers are like two buses put together.They can take more people around the city.
A motorcycle is small and fast.Bicycles are the world’s most popular means of transportation.There are more bicycle riders in China and the Netherlands(荷兰) than in other countries.
Bullet trains travel very fast.They can move at the speed of 300 km an hour.
In the Air 空中
The quickest way to travel a long distance is to fly.
Helicopters can take off and land without a runway.They can stay still(静止的) in the sky.This makes them very useful for different kinds of jobs like fire fighting and sea rescue.
A big jumbo jet carries more than 500 people.The Airbus 380 is the largest plane in the world.It can carry 840 people.

Task 1
Answer the following question回答下列问题。
1、What is private transportation?什么是私人交通工具?
2、What is public transportation?什么是公共交通工具?
3、How fast can bullet trainstravel?动车的速度能达到多少?
4、What is special abouthelicopter?直升机有什么特别之处?
5、How many people can Airbus 380 carry?380空中客机能载多少人?
Task 2
How do you and your family remembers go to these places?
I go to school_______ every day.My father goes to work ______ .On weekends ,we sometimes go to see a film______ .This spring Festival ,we are going to Shanghai.We will go there______ .
我每天______ 去学校。我爸爸______ 去上班。周末我们有时候______ 去看电影。今年出街,我们将去上海。我们______ 去那。

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