外研版(一年级起点)五年级英语下册A Special Pet录音

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A Special Pet
One day, Amy wanted to buy a pet.
She didn’t want a cat or a dog.
She didn’t want a goldfish.
“I want a special pet,” Amy thought.
So she went to the pet shop.
“Can I help you?” asked the woman in the shop.
“I want to buy a pet,” said Amy.
“Here’s a lovely kitten,”the woman said.
“Thank you, but I don’t want a kitten,” said Amy.
“This is a very nice dog,” the woman said.
“I don’t want a dog,” said Amy.
“And what about this goldfish?
It’s very beautiful.
“My brother’s got a goldfish,” said Amy.
“I want to buy a really special pet.”
“Here’s a special pet,” said the woman.
“It’s very beautiful”, said Amy.
“It’s a parrot,” said the woman.
“And it’s very clever.”
It’s got two strings on its feet,” said Amy.
“That’s right,” said the woman.
“Why?” Amy asked.
“Well, pull this string and find out,” the woman said.
Amy pulled the string.
“Hello!” said the parrot.
“Wow!” said Amy.
“Now pull the other string,” the woman said.
Amy pulled the other string.
“Goodbye,” said the parrot.
“That’s great!” said Amy.
“Do you want to buy the parrot?” asked the woman.
“Oh yes!” said Amy.
“But what will happen when I pull both strings?” she asked.
“I will fall off my perch, of course!” said the parrot.

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