Module 1
Unit 1 We lived in a small house.
Unit 2 She didn’t have a television.
words Module 1 单词

Module 2
Unit 1 She leant English.
Unit 2 Mr Li was a teacher.
words Module 2 单词

Module 3
Unit 1 She had eggs and sausages.
Unit 2 Sam ate four hamburgers.
words Module 3 单词

Module 4
Unit 1 Let’s make a home library.
Unit 2 We can find information from books and CDs.
words Module 4 单词

Module 5
Unit 1 It’s big and light.
Unit 2 It’s too big for you.
words Module 5 单词

Module 6
Unit 1 I went there last year.
Unit 2 She visited the Tianchi Lake.
words Module 6 单词

Module 7
Unit 1 My father goes to work at eight o’clock every morning.
Unit 2 I’ll be home at seven o’clock.
words Module 7 单词

Module 8
Unit 1 Will you help me?
Unit 2 I made a kite.
words Module 8 单词

Module 9
Unit 1 We laughed a lot.
Unit 2 Mum bought new T-shirts for you.
words Module 9 单词

Module 10
Unit 1 Where are you going?
Unit 2 I’m in New York now.
words Module 10 单词

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