外研社七年级英语下册Module 12 Unit 2录音(音频+文本+翻译)

Module 12 Western music
.Unit 2 Vienna is the centre of European classical music

Activity 2 Read the passage and check (V) the true sentences.

The city of music

Vienna is a beautiful old city on the River Danube in the centre of Europe.It’s the capital city of Austria and the centre of European classical music.In the eighteenth century a lot of musicians came to study and work in Vienna.
维也纳是欧洲中心多瑙河畔一座美 丽而又古老的城市。它是奥地利的 首都,也是欧洲古典音乐的中心。 在18世纪,许多音乐家来到维也纳 学习和工作。

In the Strauss family, there were two composers called Johann Strauss: the father and the son. The father, Johann Strauss the elder, wrote and played music for traditional dances, called the Waltz. His dance music made him famous all over Europe. The son, Johann Strauss the younger, was also very successful and popular. He wrote over 150 waltzes. In 1867 he wrote The Blue Danube waltz.
在施特劳斯家族,有两位名叫 约翰•施特劳斯的作曲家:父亲和 儿子。父亲老约翰•施特劳斯创作并演奏一种古典舞曲,叫华尔兹。 他的舞曲使他闻名于欧洲。儿子小 约翰•施特劳斯也非常成功,深受 欢迎。他创作了 150多首华尔兹舞 曲。1867年他创作了华尔兹舞曲《蓝色多瑙河》。

Mozart was another very important composer. He was born in Austria in 1756. Before he was six, he played not only the piano but also the violin. His family took him around Europe and he gave concerts in many cities. He wrote hundreds of wonderful pieces of music. But he became very poor and died in 1791 when he was only thirty-five. Like Johann Strauss, father and son, he was a great European musician, and many people still think his music is perfect.
莫扎特是另一位非常重要的作 曲家。他1756年出生于奥地利。 他不到6岁时就不仅会弹钢琴,还会拉小提琴。他的家人带着他周游 欧洲,并且他在许多城市进行巡演。他谱写了数百首优美的音乐作品。 但后来他变得非常贫穷,于1791年 去世,年仅35岁。像约翰•施特劳 斯父子一样,他是一位伟大的欧洲 音乐家,(现在)许多人仍然认为他 的音乐是完美的。

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