Module 1 Lost and found
Unit 1 Whose bag is this?
Unit 2 Are they yours?
Module 1 单词

Module 2 What can you do?
Unit 1 I can play the piano
Unit 2 I can run really fast
Module 2 单词

Module 3 Making plans
Unit 1 What are you going to do at the weekend?
Unit 2 We are going to cheer the players
Module 3 单词

Module 4 Life in the future
Unit 1 Everyone will study at home
Unit 2 Every family will have a small plane
Module 4 单词

Module 5 Shopping
Unit 1 What can I do for you?
Unit 2 You can buy everything on the Internet
Module 5 单词

Module 6 Around town
Unit 1 Could you tell me how to get to the National Stadium?
Unit 2 The London Eye is on your right
Module 6 单词

Revision Module
Module Review A

Module 7 My past life
Unit 1 I was born in a small village
Unit 2 I was born in Quincy
Module 7 单词

Module 8 Story time
Unit 1 Once upon a time…
Unit 2 Goldilocks hurried out of the house
Module 8 单词

Module 9 Life history
Unit 1 He left school and began work at the age of 12
Unit 2 He decided to be an actor
Module 9 单词

Module 10 A holiday journey
Unit 1 What did you do?
Unit 2 This morning we took a walk
Module 10 单词

Module 11 Body language
Unit 1 They touch noses!
Unit 2 Here are some ways to welcome them
Module 11 单词

Module 12 Western music
Unit 1 It’s so beautiful!
Unit 2 Vienna is the centre of European classical music
Module 12 单词

Revision Module
Module Review B

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