外研社八年级英语下册Module 10 Unit 3录音

Unit 3 Languae in use
Activity 5 Listen and say what Kate’s job is.

Hello, everyone. I’m Kate. My day starts at about 10 am with a run in the park. I run for about an hour. At 11 am, I listen to the latest news on the radio. Then I meet my team and we prepare the programme.

My programme starts at 4 pm and finishes at 7:30 pm. Before I begin, I think about my listeners. I imagine that I am talking to them in person. That makes my radio show feel personal. People seem to like that. In the first part of the show, I interview my guests. Then the newsreader comes in. The news takes about five minutes. After the news is the weather report, and then the phone-in. That’s when listeners phone the station and talk to me. It’s my favourite part of the programme.

Activity 6 Listen again and complete Kate’s timetable.

Activity 7 Read the interview and complete the notes.

John,one of the school radio presenters,interviews Bernard. Bernard was once a student of the school , and he is now very successful in radio .
John:It’s really nice of you to agree to talk to us,Bernard.I know you’re very busy.
Bernard:I’m very happy to talk to you.I enjoyed my time at school-it was a good school.
John:It still is.I’m very happy there.
Bernard: So you present programmes for the school radio station?
John:Yes, and we want you to tell us about your work as a presenter for a popular radio programme. We want to know how you’ve become so successful.
Bernard:Well, to become successful, you need to work hard, you know. And I’ve always worked very hard. It’s also important to love your job,and I’ve loved radio since I was quite young.
John:How old were you when you decided you wanted to work in radio?
Bernard:I started presenting music shows for the school radio when I was fifteen. I became the youngest presenter of a popular national teenage radio show when I was seventeen. And then, when I went to university, I worked on the university radio station in my free time. After that, it was easy to get a job with a local radio station in a small town. And after about two years, a national radio station asked me to work for them. I’ve worked for them for four years now.
John: It sounds very easy when you talk about it.
Bernard: It was quite easy, really. If you’re very interested in something, you usually want to be good at it. You’ll keep on practising and you’ll be successful.
John:Thanks.I’ll remember that.

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