外研社八年级英语下册Module 1 unit 3录音

Unit 3 Language in use
Activity 9 Listen and complete the notes. What is the speaker complaining about?

James: Let’s go home. I don’t like this party.
Helen: Why? I’m having a great time. The music is good, isn’t it?
James: Well, I think it’s terrible. It’s too loud, and it sounds like noise, not music. And the room is too hot for dancing, anyway.
Helen: Why don’t you have something to eat?
James: I don’t like party food. It has too much salt.
Helen: How about a drink then?
James: I tried some of the cola, but it’s too cold.
Helen: Well, you can talk to some people. Then you might feel happier.
James: The people aren’t very friendly! Nobody is talking to me at all.
Helen: Well, I’m not surprised, really. Maybe everyone is afraid of talking to you! You look so angry!
James: (Sigh)Maybe you’re right. I should try to be a bit friendlier myself…

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