外研社八年级英语下册Module 2 unit 2录音

Unit 2 They have seen the Pyramids.
Activity 2 Read the passage and answer the questions.

Mike Robinson is a fifteen-year-old American boy and his sister Clare is fourteen. At the moment, Mike and Clare are in Cairo in Egypt ,one of the biggest and busiest cities in Africa.

They moved here with their parents two years ago. Their father, Peter, works for a very big company. The company has offices in many countries, and it has sent Peter to work in Germany, France and China before. Peter usually stays in a country for about two years. Then the company moves him again. His family always goes with him.

The Robinsons love seeing the world. They have been to many interesting places. For example, in Egypt, they have seen the Pyramids, travelled on a boat on the Nile, and visited the palaces and towers of ancient kings and queens.

Mike and Clare have also begun to learn the language of the country, Arabic. This language is different from English in many ways, and they find it hard to spell and pronounce the words. However, they still enjoy learning it. So far they have learnt to speak German, French, Chinese and Arabic. Sometimes they mix the languages. “It’s really fun,” said Clare.

The Robinsons are moving again. The company has asked Peter to work back in the US. Mike and Clare are happy about this. They have friends all over the world, but they also miss their friends in the US. They are counting down the days.

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