外研版七年级英语上册Module 10 Unit 2录音

Unit 2 My mother’s cleaning our house and sweeping away bad luck.
第二单元 我妈妈在打扫我们的房子,扫走霉运。
Reading and vocabulary

Activity 2 Read the passage and match the paragraphs with the pictures in Activity 1.
活动2 阅读文章,将每段文字与活动1中的图片搭配起来。
I’m Li Shan from China. Spring Festival is very important in my country. Like Christmas, it happens every year, but not on the same day. It usually comes in February, but sometimes it comes in January. I’ve got some photos of it. Have a look at them!

A Here’s the first one! It’s a few days before Spring Festival. My mother’s cleaning our house and weeping away bad luck. Look at the food on the table! We always buy a lot of food before the festival.

B Oh,I love this photo We are celebrating Spring Festival with a traditional family dinner on the evening before Spring Festival. There’s so much delicious food. I am eating jiaozi-a kind of dumpling. After the dinner, we usually watch a special programme on TV.

C In this photo, my parents and lare visiting my uncles and aunts.We are wearing new sweaters and coats. I always get a hong bao. It means lucky money.

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