外研版七年级英语上册Module 5 Unit 2录音

Unit 2 We start work at nine o’clock.
第二单元 我们九点开始上课。
Reading and vocabulary
Activity 1 Read the passage and put the pictures in order.
活动1 读文章,给图画排序。

My school day
Hi! I’m Alex Greenall. I’m thirteen and I go to Park School in Oxford, England. I go to school on weekdays, but not on Saturday and Sunday. This is my school day. I get up at half past seven in the morning,and then have breakfast.

My school is next to my house. I go to school at half past eight and see my friends. We start work at nine o’clock. We have three lessons in the morning. My favourite subject is art.

At eleven o’clock,we have a break in the playground and I talk to my friends. They go to the playground and play football, but I don’t like football.

We have lunch in the dining hall at half past twelve. I like school lunch! We have meat and rice with vegetables, or hamburgers. I drink juice or water.

We start lessons in the afternoon at half past one .We have two lessons in the afternoon. Then we go home at half past three.

In the evening, I watch TV and have dinner with my family. I do my homework and go to bed at ten o’clock.

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