外研版七年级英语上册Module 6 Unit 2录音

Unit 2 The tiger lives in Asia.
第二单元 老虎生活在亚洲。
Reading and vocabulary

Activity 3 Read the passage and complete the table.
活动3 读文章,完成表格。
The elephant lives in Africa and in Asia. This elephant lives in Africa. It eats plants and a little fruit, but it doesn’t eat meat. It likes water.

There are only about 1,800 pandas in China and about 200 0f them live in zoos. The panda eats about 30 kilos of bamboo a day as well as other plants. This black and white animal is the favourite of people all over the world.
在中国现在有只有大约1 800只熊猫,其中约有200只生活在动物园里。除其他植物外,熊猫一天要吃大约30千克竹子(as well as:并且,还)。这种黑白相间的动物是全世界人们的最爱。

The zebra is an African animal. Like the panda, it’s black and white. It eats leaves as well as grass, but the zebra doesn’t eat bamboo.

The tiger lives in Asia. It’s a very large animal and usually lives alone. It likes water and is good at swimming. It’s strong and catches many kinds of animals for food.

Monkeys live in Africa, Asia and America. There are about 200 kinds of monkeys. Monkeys eat meat,leaves,fruit and even eggs!

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