外研版七年级英语上册Module 7 Unit 2录音

Unit 2 When do you use a computer?
第二单元 你什么时候用电脑?
Reading and vocabulary

Activity 1 Read the passage and match the questions with the people who answer them.
活动1 读文章,把提问和回答问题的人搭配起来。
1 Who can use the computer on Sundays?
1 谁周日能用电脑?
2 Who shares a computer with his father?
2 谁跟他爸爸共用一台电脑?
3 Who has a friend in Australia?
3 谁在澳大利亚有一个朋友?
There is a computer in my home,and my father and I share it. My father is a manager of a company,so he often talks to his customers on the computer. He also goes on the Internet to check the times of trains,make travel plans,and buy tickets.I listen to music or watch movies on it every Friday night.
我家有一台电脑,我和爸爸共用。我爸爸是一家公司的经理,所以他经常在电脑上与客户交谈。他也上网查询火车时刻、制订旅行计划和买票。每周五晚上我在电脑上听音乐或看 电影。

There is no computer in my home.I can only use it at school. On the Internet,I search for information, do my homework and check my email. I have a friend in Australia. I can see her and talk to her on the Internet.

We have a computer at home. My parents don’t use it. I can use it on Sundays. I send email to my friends and play computer games. But sometimes I play a lot of games and my mother doesn’t like it.

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