Starter Module 1 My teacher and my friends
.Unit 1 Good morning, Miss Zhou
.Unit 2 Good morning. I’m Chen Zhong
.Unit 3 This is my friend
.Starter Module 1单词录音

Starter Module 2 My English lesson
.Unit 1 Open your book
.Unit 2 What’s your number?
.Unit 3 I’m twelve
.Starter Module 2单词录音

Starter Module 3 My English book
.Unit 1 What’s this in English?
.Unit 2 Can you help me, please?
.Unit 3 What colour is it?
.Starter Module 3单词录音

Starter Module 4 My everyday life
.Unit 1 What day is it today?
.Unit 2 What’s the weather like?
.Unit 3 What’s your favourite sport?
.Starter Module 4单词录音

Module 1 My classmates
.Unit 1 Nice to meet you
.Unit 2 I’m Wang Lingling and I’m thirteen years old
.Module 1单词录音

Module 2 My family
.Unit 1 Is this your mum?
.Unit 2 These are my parents
.Module 2单词录音

Module 3 My school
.Unit 1 There are thirty students in my class.
.Unit 2 The library is on the left of the playground
.Module 3单词录音

Module 4 Healthy food
.Unit 1 We’ve got lots of apples.
.Unit 2 Is your food and drink healthy?
.Module 4单词录音

Module 5 My school day
.Unit 1 I love history.
.Unit 2 We start work at nine o’clock.
.Module 5单词录音

Revision module A

Module 6 A trip to the zoo
.Unit 1 Does it eat meat?
.Unit 2 The tiger lives in Asia.
.Module 6单词录音

Module 7 Computers
.Unit 1 How do I write my homework on the computer?
.Unit 2 When do you use a computer?
.Module 7单词录音

Module 8 Choosing presents
.Unit 1 I always like birthday parties.
.Unit 2 She often goes to concerts.
.Module 8单词录音

Module 9 People and places
.Unit 1 We’re enjoying the school trip a lot.
.Unit 2 They’re waiting for buses or trains.
.Module 9单词录音

Module 10 Spring Festival
.Unit 1 Are you getting ready for Spring Festival?
.Unit 2 My mother’s cleaning our house and sweeping away bad luck.
.Module 10单词录音

Revision module B

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