外研版八年级英语上册Module 11 Unit 3录音

外语教学与研究出版社(外研版)初中八年级上册(初二上学期)英语Module 11 Way of life Unit 3 Language in use
Activity 4 Listen to a teenager talking about his life. Check (√) the things he must or mustn’t do.听一名青少年谈论他的生活,在他必须做或不能做的事情上打钩(√)。

Well, my parents are quite strict. I must clean up my bedroom once a week and I must always wash up after dinner. My parents are very strict about that. I mustn’t stay out after nine o’clock at night, but I can go out with my friends at weekends. I must do my homework before I go out and I must wash my hands before dinner. I can play music, but I mustn’t play it loudly after ten o’clock at night.

Activity 5 Listen again. What two things does he say he can do?

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