外研版八年级英语上册Module 3 Unit 2录音

外语教学与研究出版社(外研版)初中八年级上册(初二上学期)英语Module 3 Sports Unit 2 This year we are training more carefully
Activity 2 Read the passage and complete the table.
Training hard
By Li Daming

It is Saturday tomorrow, but I am going to school. I am not going for lessons, but to play football. I am in our school team and we are going to play against another school next week. The practice starts at 10 am. We all arrive as early as we can so that we have time to warm. We are training harder than usual because the other team beat us last year.This year we want to do better.

It is more difficult to practise in winter because the days are short and the weather is cold too. It gets dark earlier, so it is important not to be late for after school practice.

Our coach is pleased because we are playing better as a team now.Last year we were sometimes careless when we passed the ball and we lost to the other team in the final match.What a pity! This year we are training more carefully. That means we have a better change of winning.

The fan club has fewer people this year. We hope to play well so that we have more fans to watch the matches. It is good to have our fans around. They cheer us on loudly and we feel more confident to win the game.

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