外研版八年级英语上册Module 7 Unit 3录音

外语教学与研究出版社(外研版)初中八年级上册(初二上学期)英语Module 7 A famous story Unit 3 Language in use
Activity 7 Listen and complete the sentences.

One day, I was with my friends. We were having a picnic in a field and I saw something strange. There was a white cat with a pink nose sitting in a tree. There’s nothing strange about that, of course, but it looked like it was eating the leaves in the tree! That was strange! Cats don’t usually eat leaves. “Maybe it’s very hungry,” I thought.

While I was looking at it, the cat got out of the tree, jumped down to the ground and walked across the field and sat next to us. Maybe it wanted some of our picnic to eat, but there was nothing for a cat. The cat got up and came close to me. I talked to it and it smiled at me.

Was it a Cheshire Cat? I found some biscuits in my pocket and gave them to the cat. Soon, it was eating biscuits and smiling at us. Then, after a while, the cat got up and walked across the field. Maybe it wasn’t hungry any more.

有一天,我和朋友在一起。我们正在田野里进行野餐,我看到了一些奇怪的事情。有一只粉色鼻子的白猫坐在树上。当然,对于那个没什么好奇怪的,但是它看起来好像正在树上吃树叶! 那很奇怪! 猫一般不吃树叶的。“也许它很饿了,”我想。

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