外研版九年级英语上册Module 3 Unit 2录音

Unit 2 There were few doctors,so he had to work very hard on his own.

Activity 2 Read the passage and check your answers to Activity 1.

My hero – Dr Norman Bethune
By Wang Lingling

Norman Bethune is one of the most famous heroes in China. He was a Canadian doctor. He came to China to help the Chinese people and died for them.

Norman Bethune was born in 1890. He became a doctor in 1916 and went to Spain in 1936 to treat the wounded soldiers during the war there. He soon realised that many people were dying because they did not get to hospital quickly enough. Dr Bethune developed new ways of taking care of the sick. He invented special medical tools to use outside hospitals and close to the fighting areas so that doctors could treat the wounded more quickly. His inventions saved many lives.

In 1938, Dr Bethune came to China and helped treat the wounded during the Anti-Japanese War. At that time, there were few doctors,so he had to work very hard on his own. His experience of treating people in Spain was useful in Ghina. He developed training courses for local doctors and nurses,and wrote books so that they could learn about how he treated the sick.

Dr Bethune often worked very hard without resting or taking care of himself. Once, he even worked for sixty-nine hours without stopping and managed to save over a hundred lives. One day in 1939 , he cut his finger during an operation, but he continued his work without treating it. In the end, he died of his wound.

Dr Bethune’s work for the Chinese people made him a hero in China. There are many books and films about him, and he is still remembered in both China and Canada today.

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