外研版九年级英语上册Module 3 Unit 3录音

Unit 3 Language in use
Activity 6 Listen and choose the correct answer.

Stan Lee is a writer. He created many of our favourite heroes. Spiderman, the Incredible Hulk and the Silver Surfer are just three of them. In his stories, the heroes always win in the end. When he was young, he loved to watch his favourite actors in films. He wanted to create cartoon people just like them. He thought they were heroes because they were brave and did not worry about danger. Real people in his life also helped Stan. His teacher told great stories, and made him love reading. The books he read, especially books by famous writers like Charles Dickens and Mark Twain, made him want to write. His mother was always proud of him, and told him his work was good.

Children often ask Stan how they can become writers. He tells them to read. He says they should read everything, not just their favourite kinds of books, or books by famous writers. He says that reading is the best way to learn to write. Stan hopes that teachers can make children want to learn. They can make history, geography, languages and science exciting. He says teachers should be more like actors, and make learning interesting.

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