外研版九年级英语上册Module 4 Unit 3录音

Unit 3 Language in use
Activity 7 Listen and match the people with their activities.

Betty: What did you do when your parents were away, Daming?
Daming: I managed OK at home alone, although I missed them. What about you?
Betty: Well, I depend on my mother for so many things that I found it difficult. I’m so bad at cooking that I burnt everything.
Daming: I was so hungry that I ate all the food my mother left on the first day!
Betty: Then what did you do?
Daming: Well, I went shopping! I bought so much food that I could hardly carry it home!
Betty: Did you cook for yourself?
Daming: Yes, I did. Although I already knew how to make some simple dishes, I called my grandmother for some advice. What did you do when you burnt your food?
Betty: I ate at the student restaurant, but the food wasn’t very good.

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