外研版九年级英语上册Module 5 Unit 2录音

Unit 2 If you ever go to London,make sure you visit the Science Museum.

Activity 2 Read the passage and answer the question.

The Science Museum in London
By Tony Smith托尼·史密斯

Welcome to the most friendly museum in London. In most museums, there is no shouting and no running, and you must not touch anything. But the Science Museum is different… It is noisy! People talk about what they can see and do here,and there are some very noisy machines as well. If you want answers to all your questions about science, this is the right place for you.

I like to visit the rooms on the second and third floors. You can learn about communications and the environment as well as maths, physics and chemistry. For example,you can find out how people dig coal from the ground and use it to create energy. And in one room they even explain how X-rays let you see inside your body.

The Launchpad on the third floor is the most popular room, and it is my favourite too because there are lots of physics experiments. For example, if you want to fill a bag with sand, you have to control a kind of truck on wheels and move it into the correct place. You can also find out how people travel into space and back again.

On the fourth and fifth floors,you can learn about what medicine was like in the past. If you compare the medicine of the past with the medicine of today,you will feel very lucky next time you visit a doctor!
左五楼和六楼上,你能了解过去的医学是什么样子的。如果你将过去的医学 现在的(医学)作比较,下次你去就医时,你会感觉非常幸运!

The Science Museum is interesting for people of all ages. You can always find something new and have a wonderful time there. The museum is free to enter,so you can go in for a few minutes or stay all day.0 It is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm. So if you ever go to London, make sure you visit the Science Museum. It is my favourite museum in the whole world!

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