外研版九年级英语上册Module 5 Unit 3录音

Unit 3 Language in use

Activity 8 Listen and label the different parts of the museum.
The museum is very big, so be careful you don’t get lost! Take one of these little books with information about where everything is. If you want to leave your coats and bags, there’s a special room on the ground floor next to the ticket office. There are toilets on each floor at the bottom of the stairs.

First, on this floor, there are things on show from the natural world—about different countries and geography. Then upstairs, you will see things like old rocks as well as dishes and bowls from long ago. They all come from the ancient world.

After that, we’ll go upstairs again to the second floor, to see the wonders of the modern world. There’s also an exhibition of modern technology. Finally, on the top floor, there is a restaurant, so you can relax and have a meal or a drink.

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