外研版九年级英语上册Module 7 Unit 1录音

Module 7 Great books
Unit 1 We’re still influenced by Confucius’s ideas.

Activity 1,2 Listen again and complete the sentences.
Presenter: Hello, today our guests will each introduce an important person from their countries, and we’ll discuss why they’re famous.
Chinese person: Confucius was a great teacher and thinker in ancient China. He lived over 2,000 years ago and he is well-known in many countries.
British person: William Shakespeare was English and wrote plays and poems. Although he died about 400 years ago, his plays are still seen, and his poems are still read by many people.
American person: Mark Twain was an American writer. His works are studied in schools. His stories are set in the south of the US over 100 years ago, and readers still enjoy them very much.

Activity 3 Listen and read.
Mr Jackson:Hello,Betty. What’s up?
Betty:I want to join an Internet group to discuss great books by great writers.
Mr Jackson:So,who are your great writers?
Betty:Well,maybe Confucius and Shakespeare.
Mr Jackson:Really? I accept that they’re great because their works are still read by many people today. But I think I’d describe Confucius more as a teacher and thinker than a writer. He was a very wise man. What do you have to do for the discussion?
Betty:Well,each of us reads a favourite book and writes a review for the discussion.
Mr Jackson: I see. We’re still influenced by Confucius’s ideas, and Shakespeare’s plays also make a lot of senseto us today. People have always read, and will always read great books. By the way ,what do you think of Mark Twain, the great American writer in the nineteentVi century?
Betty:He was important,but I suppose he isn’t as well-know as Confucius or Shakespeare.
Mr Jackson:No,but his books are still popular,and one of his books is my favourite, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.
Betty:Great! Why don’t you join in the discussion and tell us about it?

Pronunciation and speaking
Activity 5 Listen and underline the words the speaker stresses.
1. We’re still influenced by Confucius’s ideas.
2. Shakespeare’s plays also make a lot of sense to us today.
3. He was important, but I suppose he isn’t as well-known as Confucius or Shakespeare.

Now listen again and repeat.

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