外研版九年级英语上册Revision Module A 录音

Revision Module A

Activity 9 Listen and number the places according to Damingrs route through the museum.
Tony: Hi, Daming! Did you have a good day yesterday?
Daming: Yes, I went to the museum. Have you ever been there?
Tony: Yes, but I haven’t been there for a long time. I thought it was really good, especially the Technology Room.
Daming: They’ve opened a new room now, the Wonder Room, and it’s even better.
Tony: What’s it about?
Daming: It’s about the wonders of the world—ancient as well as modern. I spent a long time there because there’s so much information about the world. After that I went to the Technology Room, and then upstairs to the Print Room.
Tony: Is that all about the history of printing?
Daming: Yes, it is, and next to that is the Space Room. It’s also very good, and it’s about space travel.
Tony: I bet you went to the restaurant after that!
Daming: Of course! And then I went back upstairs to have a look at the library, on the top floor. But before I left the museum, I went into the shop and bought you this. It’s a book about the history of the Olympic Games in ancient Greece.
Tony: Thanks, Daming! That’s really kind of you. You know I’m interested in the story of the Olympics…
Daming: Well, you should go and visit the museum then, and find out even more about it!

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