Module 1
.Unit 1 It’s more than twenty thousand kilometres long
.Unit 2 It’s in the west
.Module 1单词
Module 2
.Unit 1 There’s Chinese dancing
.Unit 2 There are lots of beautiful lakes in China
.Module 2单词
Module 3
.Unit 1 Collecting stamps is my hobby
.Unit 2 What’s your hobby?
.Module 3单词
Module 4
.Unit 1 Thanksgiving is my favourite festival
.Unit 2 Our favourite festival is the Spring Festival
.Module 4单词
Module 5
.Unit 1 Can you be my Chinese pen friend?
.Unit 2 I can speak French
.Module 5单词
Module 6
.Unit 1 You’ve got a letter from New York
.Unit 2 I’ve got a stamp from China
.Module 6单词
Module 7
.Unit 1 I don’t believe it!
.Unit 2 Pandas love bamboo
.Module 7单词
Module 8
.Unit 1 Do you often play with dolls?
.Unit 2 I often go swimming
.Module 8单词
Module 9
.Unit 1 Do you want to visit the UN building?
.Unit 2 I want to go to Shanghai
.Module 9单词
Module 10
.Unit 1 Don’t talk in the library.
.Unit 2 Go straight on
.Module 10单词

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