Module 1
.Unit 1 She’s very nice.
.Unit 2 I’m going to help her.
.Module 1单词

Module 2
.Unit 1 It’s very long.
.Unit 2 You’ll see Tower Bridge.
.Module 2单词

Module 3
.Unit 1 We’ll go to the zoo.
.Unit 2 Will we have breakfast at 7?
.Module 3单词

Module 4
.Unit 1 We’ll pick fruit.
.Unit 2 Thirteen,fourteen,fifteen.
.Module 4单词

Module 5
.Unit 1 Will you take your ball tomorrow?
.Unit 2 On Monday,I’ll go swimming.
.Module 5单词

Module 6
.Unit 1 Here are his hands.
.Unit 2 There is a small monster.
.Module 6单词

Module 7
.Unit 1 Are there many children in your class?
.Unit 2 How many apples are there in the box?
.Module 7单词

Module 8
.Unit 1 He works hard.
.Unit 2 She’s quite good at English.
.Module 8单词

Module 9
.Unit 1 They were very young.
.Unit 2 He was in Hong Kong.
.Module 9单词

Module 10
.Unit 1 Were you on the second floor?
.Unit 2 It was there.
.Module 10单词

Reading for pleasure
.Jack and the Beanstalk.

.Review Module

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