Module 1
.Unit 1 What’s the weather like?
.Unit 2 I like swimming
.Module 1单词

Module 2
.Unit 1 She’s listening to the radio
.Unit 2 I’m drawing a picture
.Module 2单词

Module 3
.Unit 1 Sam isn’t tidying his room
.Unit 2 Are you doing your homework?
.Module 3单词

Module 4
.Unit 1 What are you doing?
.Unit 2 What’s he doing?
.Module 4单词

Module 5
.Unit 1 Linglingi is skipping
.Unit 2 What are the kids playing?
.Module 5单词

Module 6
.Unit 1 I usually play basketball
.Unit 2 My grandma usually cooks
.Module 6单词

Module 7
.Unit 1 It’s Children’s Day today
.Unit 2 We’re having a picnic
.Module 7单词

Module 8
.Unit 1 The train is going up a hill
.Unit 2 The horse is turning around
.Module 8单词

Module 9
.Unit 1 Turn left
.Unit 2 Where do you live?
.Module 9单词

Module 10
.Unit 1 It’s next to the park
.Unit 2 He’s helping a child
.Module 10单词

Revision Module
.Unit 1 and unit 2

.Reading for pleasure
.The Three Little Pigs

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