Module 1
.Unit 1 I want a hot dog, please
.Unit 2 What do you want to eat?
.Module 1单词

Module 2
.Unit 1 When are we going to eat?
.Unit 2 It will rain in Beijing
.Module 2单词

Module 3
.Unit 1 I took some photos
.Unit 2 The sun is shining
.Module 3单词

Module 4
.Unit 1 I can’t carry all these things
.Unit 2 The apples are falling down the stairs!
.Module 4单词

Module 5
.Unit 1 He is playing the suona,but the telephone rings
.Unit 2 Some children are jumping in the water
.Module 5单词

Module 6
.Unit 1 It was Daming’s birthday yesterday
.Unit 2 The name of the spaceship is Shenzhou V
.Module 6单词

Module 7
.Unit 1 My father flew into space in Shenzhou V
.Unit 2 She couldn’t see or hear
.Module 7单词

Module 8
.Unit 1 Why do you have cups on your heads?
.Unit 2 Why are you wearing a hat?
.Module 8单词

Module 9
.Unit 1 Best wishes to you!
.Unit 2 Wishing you happiness every day
.Module 9单词

Module 10
.Unit 1 We’re going to different schools
.Unit 2 I’m going to Lake Middle School
.Module 10单词

Reading for pleasure

Review Module
.Activity 1 Listen and number.

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