Module 1
.Unit 1 She was a driver before
.Unit 2 He worked in an office
.Module 1单词

Module 2
.Unit 1 What did she have for lunch?
.Unit 2 Lunch is usually at half past twelve
.Module 2单词

Module 3
.Unit 1 Have you got the Harry Potter DVDs?
.Unit 2 You can use the computers
.Module 3单词

Module 4
.Unit 1 Did you read them?
.Unit 2 My favourite season is spring
.Module 4单词

Module 5
.Unit 1 Your bag is broken
.Unit 2 Mine is pink
.Module 5单词

Module 6
.Unit 1 We’ll see lots of very big stones
.Unit 2 It was amazing
.Module 6单词

Module 7
.Unit 1 My father goes to work at 8 o’clock every morning
.Unit 2 I’ll be home at 7 o’clock
.Module 7单词

Module 8
.Unit 1 Will you help me?
.Unit 2 I made a kite
.Module 8单词

Module 9
.Unit 1 We laughed a lot
.Unit 2 Mum bought new chopsticks for you
.Module 9单词

Module 10
.Unit 1 What did you put in your bag?
.Unit 2 I played on the beach
.Module 10单词

Reading for pleasure

.Review Module

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