闽教版小学四年级英语上册Review 1听力

Review 1

1. Look, think and say.
4. Look and say.
5. Look and read.
Ma Li is Wang Tao’s cousin.
She is from Taiwan. She is seven.
She is in Class Three, Grade One.
She likes her classroom.
She likes her school library.
She often reads story books in the library.
She likes her school playground, too.
It’s very big.
She often runs in the playground.
6. Listen and learn the English sounds.
ar/ɑ:(r)/ arm star park farm
er/ə(r)/ tiger ruler father teacher
ir/ɜː(r) girl bird shirt skirt
or/ɔː(r)/ story sport horse morning
oo/u/ foot look book good
oo/u:/ zoo room school noodles
ee/i:/ three green queen sheep
ea/i:/ read please teacher ice cream

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