闽教版小学四年级英语上册Review 2听力

Review 2

1. Look, think and say.
3. Look and say.
My name is Fido. I’m four years old now.
I’m a clever dog.
I can swim.
I can draw.
I can ride a bike, too.
Christmas is coming. I want a present.
Can you give me one?
Fido. Here is a Christmas present for you.
Thank you. Is it an umbrella?
Open the box.
It’s a big bone. I love it.
4. Let’s talk.
Please say something about Christmas.
Christmas is a happy festival.
We put a Christmas tree in our house.
Then we put lights and stars on the tree.
Mom and Dad put presents under the tree.
On Christmas Day we open the presents.
Please say something about the Spring Festival.
The Spring Festival is Chinese New Year.
We make rice cakes and dumplings.
We have a big family dinner.
After dinner, we watch the Spring Festival Party on TV.
We say Happy New Year to our friends.
Children can get some New Year’s money.
It’s a happy festival, too.
5. Listen and learn the English sounds.
c/k/ cat cake card
ck/k/ duck clock black
sh/ʃ fish shirt shoe
ea/e/ head bread sweater
ow/əʊ/ yellow window
ow/aʊ/ cow now
ay/ei/ day play
ai/ei/ wait email
th/θ three thirty mouth birthday
th/ð/ they mother father brother

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