闽教版小学四年级英语上册Unit 8 Part C听力

Part C

1. Sing a song.
To the Fair
Daddy’s taking us to the fair tomorrow,
fair tomorrow fair tomorrow fair tomorrow.
Daddy’s taking us to the fair tomorrow,
we can play all day.
3. Let’s chant.
Draw and Color
Draw a window.
Color it yellow.
Draw a tree.
Color it green.
Draw a sled.
Color it red.
4. Listen and number.
How do you spend the Spring Festival?
Number 1.
We make dumplings.
Number 2
We watch the Spring Festival party on TV.
Number 3
We sing and dance.
Number 4
We say Happy New Year to our teachers.
Number 5
We go to the fair.
Number 6
Children get some new year’s money.

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