Unit 1 The Olympic Games
.Part A .Part B .Part C .Unit 1单词
Unit 2 Physical exercises
.Part A .Part B .Part C .Unit 2单词
Unit 3 Food and health
.Part A .Part B .Part C .Unit 3单词
Unit 4 Buying new clothes
.Part A .Part B .Part C .Unit 4单词
Unit 5 Housework
.Part A .Part B .Part C .Unit 5单词
Unit 6 An unusual day
.Part A .Part B .Part C .Unit 6单词
Unit 7 Thanksgiving
.Part A .Part B .Part C .Unit 7单词
Unit 8 The universe
.Part A .Part B .Part C .Unit 8单词
.Review 1 .Review 2 .Story Time

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