闽教版小学六年级上册英语Review 2录音

Review 2

1 Look, think and say.

3 Read. Tick or cross.
Do you help your mother do housework?
Yes, I do. I often wash the vegetables.
Do you clean the table after breakfast?
No, I don’t. I usually hurry to school.
But I clean the table after dinner.
Do you water the flowers?
No, I don’t. My grandpa wants to do that.
Do you wash your clothes?
Yes, I wash them by washing machine.
(1) Lily doesn’t clean the table.
(2) Her grandpa waters the flowers.
(3) Lily washes her clothes by hand.
5 Listen and learn the English sounds.
(1) There is a baby elephant in the zoo.
(2) Sally often helps her mother do housework.
(3) She often sings and dances for TV programs.
(4) He usually walks to school.
(5) Whose dirty socks are those?
(6) How can I get to the train station?
(7) Does he live on the third floor?
(8) Did you go the bed late last night?
(9) Are there any people on the moon?
(10) Near the window there is a desk.
(11) In the afternoon, he plays basketball or football.
(12) My mother and I went shopping yesterday.

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