闽教版小学六年级上册英语Unit 8 Part B录音

Unit 8 The Universe
Part B

1 Listen and follow.
The sun, the moon and the stars are all in the sky.
They look small because they are far away from us.
We see the sun in the day.
We see the moon and the stars at night.
The sun shine day and night.
The moon doesn’t shine.
Its light comes from the sun.
The earth goes around the sun.
The moon goes around the earth.
2 Answer the questions.
Find some more information about the sun and the moon. Then answer these questions:
(1) Does the sun shine?
(2) Does the moon shine at night?
(3) Does the moon go around the sun?
(4) Does the earth go around the sun?
(5) Are there any mountains on the moon?
(6) Are there any people on the moon?
(7) Do the stars shine?
(8) Why do the sun, the moon, and the stars look small?
3 Read. Tick or cross.
Mid-Autumn Festival is a festival about the moon.
In the evening, we have a family dinner. We have moon cakes.
We look at the moon in the sky.
In China there are many stories about the moon.
Old people like telling these stories to little children.
(1) We have a family dinner at Mid-Autumn Festival.
(2) We have moon cakes for this festival.
(3) The stories are about the earth and the stars.

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