Unit 1 Stay healthy
.Unit 1单词表和录音
.Lesson 1 What’s wrong, Danny?
.Lesson 2 A visit to the Dentist
.Lesson 3 Good food, good health
.Lesson 4 Don’t smoke, please!
.Lesson 5 Jane’s lucky life
.Lesson 6 Stay away from the hospital

Unit 2 Great people
.Unit 2单词表和录音
.Lesson 7 What is the meaning of life?
.Lesson 8 A universe of thought
.Lesson 9 China’s most famous “farmer”
.Lesson 10 Touch the world
.Lesson 11 To China, with love
.Lesson 12 Guess my hero!

Unit 3 Safety
.Unit 3单词表和录音
.Lesson 13 Be careful, Danny!
.Lesson 14 Accidents happen
.Lesson 15 My helmet saved my life!
.Lesson 16 How safe is your home?
.Lesson 17 Staying safe in an earthquake
.Lesson 18 Never catch a dinosaur

Unit 4 Stories and poems
.Unit 4单词表和录音
.Lesson 19 A story or a poem?
.Lesson 20 Say it in five
.Lesson 21 The fable of the woodcutter
.Lesson 22 The Giant(I)
.Lesson 23 The Giant(II)
.Lesson 24 Writing a poem

Unit 5 Look into science
.Unit 5单词表和录音
.Lesson 25 Let’s do an experiment!
.Lesson 26 Keep the candle burning
.Lesson 27 Planet Danny
.Lesson 28 The study of living things
.Lesson 29 DNA – The story of you
.Lesson 30 Science affects us

Unit 6 Movies and theatre
.Unit 6单词表和录音
.Lesson 31 A movie or a play
.Lesson 32 Moving pictures
.Lesson 33 The Fisherman and the Goldfish(I)
.Lesson 34 The Fisherman and the Goldfish(II)
.Lesson 35 Theatres are fun!
.Lesson 36 Making plays is fun

Unit 7 Work for peace
.Unit 7单词表和录音
.Lesson 37 Don’t fight!
.Lesson 38 Making school a better place
.Lesson 39 The dove and the olive branch
.Lesson 40 The UN – The power of words
.Lesson 41 Jenny’s good advice
.Lesson 42 Peace at last

Unit 8 Culture shapes us
.Unit 8单词表和录音
.Lesson 43 A visit to Chinatown
.Lesson 44 Popular sayings
.Lesson 45 Different manners
.Lesson 46 Home to many cultures
.Lesson 47 Good manners
.Lesson 48 Supper with the Bradshaws

Unit 9 Communication
.Unit 9单词表和录音
.Lesson 49 Get Along with Others
.Lesson 50 Tips for Good Communication
.Lesson 51 What Could Be Wrong
.Lesson 52 The Power of a Smile
.Lesson 53 Working in Groups
.Lesson 54 How Embarrassing

Unit 10 Get ready for the future
.Unit 10单词表和录音
.Lesson 55 Look into the Future
.Lesson 56 Manage Your Time
.Lesson 57 Best Wishes
.Lesson 58 Ms. Liu’s Speech
.Lesson 59 Keep Your Choices Open
.Lesson 60 Get a Good Education

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