Unit 1 A Trip to the Silk Road
.Lesson 1 A trip to China
.Lesson 2 Meet you in Beijing
.Lesson 3 A visit to Xi’an
.Lesson 4 A visit to Lanzhou
.Lesson 5 Another stop along the Silk Road?
.Lesson 6 Jenny’s Diary
Unit 2 It’s show time!
.Lesson 7 What’s your project about?
.Lesson 8 Marco Polo and the Silk Road
.Lesson 9 Dunny’s school project
.Lesson 10 Music and dance
.Lesson 11 Food in China
.Lesson 12 A blog about the Silk Road
Unit 3 School life
.Lesson 13 How is school going?
.Lesson 14 Jenny’s school life
.Lesson 15 Making a difference
.Lesson 16 We are with you!
.Lesson 17 School science fair
.Lesson 18 Teaching in China
Unit 4 After-school activities
.Lesson 19 A dinner date
.Lesson 20 Join our club!
.Lesson 21 What is your club type?
.Lesson 22 Big plans for the weekend
.Lesson 23 A weekend with Grandma
.Lesson 24 How was your weekend?
Unit 5 I love learning English!
.Lesson 25 A phone friend
.Lesson 26 Online phone calls
.Lesson 27 Amazing English
.Lesson 28 How do I learn English?
.Lesson 29 A door to the world
.Lesson 30 Writing an E-mail in English
Unit 6 Seasons
.Lesson 31 What strange weather!
.Lesson 32 I can’t wait for winter!
.Lesson 33 Kim’s favourite season
.Lesson 34 Steven’s report
.Lesson 35 Surfing in Sydney
.Lesson 36 Spring in China
Unit 7 Sports and good health
.Lesson 37 You are what you eat!
.Lesson 38 Stay healthy!
.Lesson 39 Danny’s report
.Lesson 40 Move your body
.Lesson 41 Were people healthy then?
.Lesson 42 Know yourself
Unit 8 Summer holiday is coming!
.Lesson 43 Have a good summer!
.Lesson 44 Volunteering in summer
.Lesson 45 Baseball season
.Lesson 46 Get ready for summer holiday!
.Lesson 47 Summer plans
.Lesson 48 Li Ming’s Summer Holiday

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