Unit 1 Spring is coming!
.Lesson 1 How’s the weather?
.Lesson 2 It’s getting warmer!
.Lesson 3 The sun is rising
.Lesson 4 The spring city?
.Lesson 5 Babysitting on a Spring Day
.Lesson 6 Stories about spring
Unit 2 Plant a plant!
.Lesson 7 Planting trees
.Lesson 8 Why are plants important?
.Lesson 9 Gardening with Mary?
.Lesson 10 Make your garden grow!
.Lesson 11 Amazing plants
.Lesson 12 Danny’s plant
Unit 3 Animals are our friends
.Lesson 13 Danny’s big scare
.Lesson 14 Amazing animals
.Lesson 15 The zoo is open
.Lesson 16 The bear escaped!
.Lesson 17 Save the tigers
.Lesson 18 Friendship between animals
Unit 4 The internet connects us
.Lesson 19 How do you use the internet?
.Lesson 20 A computer helps!
.Lesson 21 Books or computers?
.Lesson 22 Travel on the internet
.Lesson 23 The internet – good or bad?
.Lesson 24 An E-mail to Grandpa
Unit 5 Buying and selling
.Lesson 25 Raising money
.Lesson 26 Cookies,please!
.Lesson 27 Business English
.Lesson 28 Mr. Liu’s great idea
.Lesson 29 How to push a product
.Lesson 30 A cookie sale
Unit 6 Be a champion!
.Lesson 31 Don’t fall,Danny!
.Lesson 32 My favourite record
.Lesson 33 2800 years of sports
.Lesson 34 Modern Olympics
.Lesson 35 The dream team
.Lesson 36 Classroom Olympics
Unit 7 Know our world
.Lesson 37 Let’s learn geography!
.Lesson 38 The world is a big place
.Lesson 39 Ring up or call?
.Lesson 40 Body language
.Lesson 41 A class of the world
.Lesson 42 North America
Unit 8 Save our world
.Lesson 43 Let’s clean up!
.Lesson 44 Environment clubs
.Lesson 45 Let’s sort garbage!
.Lesson 46 Protect our environment
.Lesson 47 Connected to nature
.Lesson 48 Garbage is interesting!

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