Go For It


鲁教版五四学制《义务教育教科书·英语》是以人民教育出版社《义务教育教科书·英语》新目标英语(Go for it)为基础,以下是八年级下册各单元单词和电子课本和课文录音。(其他年级资源地址-中小学英语目录)。
.Unit 1 When was he born?
.Unit 2 It’s a nice day,isn’t it?
.Unit 3 Where would you like to visit?
.Unit 4 How can we become good learners?
.Unit 5 I think that mooncakes are delicious!
.Unit 6 Could you please tell me where the restrooms are?
.Unit 7 I used to be afraid of the dark.
.Unit 8 What are the shirts made of?

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