教科版广州小学四年级上册英语Module 1 Unit 1课文听力

Module 1 My bedroom
Unit 1 What’s in your room?

Let’s talk
Children, I want you to draw your bedroom.
In my room, there is a big bed next to thewindow, and a picture on the door. What‘s in your room?
A small desk and a new computer.
What colour is your computer?
It’s pink.

purple flowers,next to the computer
a map,on the wall,between two windows
white dogs,behind the door
two brown cats,under the bed

Fun with language
1.Listen and choose
1)There is a brown bed in the picture.Under the bed,there is a brown bear.
2)There is a green desk in the picture.On the desk,there is a black computer.
3)There is a green chair in the picture.The chair is between a grey desk and a blue desk.
4)There is a brown table in the picture.Under the table,there is a white rabbit.
5)There is a yellow box in the picture.There is an orange toy plane in the box.
6)There is a window in the picture.On the wall beside the window,there is a black and white kite.

Sing along
Listen and sing
My little bedroom
Here is the window.Here is the door.
Open the door,you see them all.
Close the door,you hear them play.
Open the door,they all run away.

Read the words.
sh she,shop,ship,show,short,fish,English Try more cash,Sash
a-e game,face,grape Try more shape,safe
a hat,has,man,can,hand,black Try more sap,bad,sand
ar car,are Try more shark,park
ay may,play Try more bay,stay

Read and act
Fish 1:Hello,my name is Shape.What’s your name,please?
Fish 2:Hello,Shape.My name is Sand. This is my sister Sash.
Fish 3: Nice to meet you,Shape.
Fish 1: Nice to meet you,too. Let’s play a game.
Fish 2: OK. Let’s play over there.
Fish 3: Oh,no! Look,there’s a shark over there.
Fish 2: Sh-sh-sh!That’s a bad shark!
Fish 1: Don’t talk.Come here.
Fish 1,2,3: We are safe now.

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