Unit 1 About Me
.Lesson 1 This Is Me
.Lesson 2 How Old Are you?
.Lesson 3 Happy Birthday!
.Lesson 4 In the Morning
.Lesson 5 In the Afternoon
.Lesson 6 Play with My Friends!
.Unit 1 Review
.Unit 1单词表和录音
Unit 2 My Family
.Lesson 7 Danny’s Family
.Lesson 8 Jenny’s Family
.Lesson 9 Li Ming’s Family
.Lesson 10 Grandpa and Grandma
.Lesson 11 Anut, Uncle, Cousin
.Lesson 12 I Love My Family!
.Unit 2 Review
.Unit 2单词表和录音
Unit 3 I Love My Family
.Lesson 13 My Home
.Lesson 14 Where Are They?
.Lesson 15 What Do You See?
.Lesson 16 My Bedroom
.Lesson 17 At Home
.Lesson 18 Fun at Home
.Unit 3 Review
.Unit 3单词表和录音
Unit 4 Places to Go!
.Lesson 19 Where?
.Lesson 20 On the Street
.Lesson 21 At the Shop
.Lesson 22 In the Park
.Lesson 23 At the Zoo
.Lesson 24 On the Playground
.Unit 4 Review
.Unit 4单词表和录音

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