冀教版一年级下册英语Lesson 14听力和翻译

Lesson 14 Where Are They? 他们在哪?

1 Listen and say! 听和说!
Where is my mother? 我妈妈在哪?
She is in the living room. 在客厅。
Where is my father? 我爸爸在哪?
He is in the bedroom. 在卧室。
Where is my brother? 我弟弟在哪?
He is in the bathroom. 在浴室。
2 Let’s chant! 一起齐声唱!
Where is my mother, 我妈妈在哪?
Can you see? 你能看到吗?
She is in the kitchen, 她在厨房,
Cooking for me! 给我做饭!
3 Let’s play! 一起玩! 一起玩吧!
Where are you? 你在哪?
In the living room! 在客厅!

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