冀教版一年级下册英语Unit 2 Review听力和翻译

Unit 2 Review 复习

1 I can say: 我能说:
father 爸爸
mother 妈妈
brother 弟弟
sister 妹妹
me 我
my family 我家
2 I can draw: 我能画:
my grandpa 我祖父
my grandma 我祖母
my father 我爸爸
my mother 我妈妈
my aunt 我阿姨
my uncle 我叔叔
my cousin 我表亲
3 I can listen and match: 我能听并匹配:
old 老
short 矮
young 年轻
tall 高
4 I can ask: 我能问:
Who is she? 她是谁?
Who is he? 他是谁?
Who is that boy? 那男孩是谁?
Who is this girl? 这女孩是谁?
5 I can sing and chant: 我能唱说:
This Is a Family 这是一家
I Love My Mother 我爱我妈妈
See My Family 看我的家
A Song for Grandpa 给祖父的歌
My Uncles 我叔叔
Big or Small? 大还是小?


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